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1430/1431 Series Powerglide-SARGENT

A general purpose quality grade aluminum door closer.

The 1430/1431 Series Powerglide is ideally suited for:
·Interior or exterior doors
·Manufacturing facilities

Features and Benefits:
·ANSI/BHMA A156.4 Grade 1
·Back Check Standard
·Cast Aluminum 1 piece body.
·Forged steel arms.
·Conforms to standards UL10C and UBC 7-2 (1997). Positive Pressure Fire Test.
·Versatile mounting applications permit standard, top jamb, parallel and track installations.
·Adjustable Spring Power allows the 1430 closers a size range of 3 through 6 and typically used on exterior doors. They are adjusted to size 3 before leaving the factory. The 1431 closers are adjustable from size 1 through 4 and typically used on interior doors. They are adjusted to size 1 before leaving the factory.
·Full rack and pinion provides control from the full open position.
·High performance aluminum body is constructed from a carefully selected aluminum silicon alloy to accommodate the door closer characteristics increasing the body strength and wear resistance.
·Total engineering concept has provided an extremely efficient closer giving increased closing power with today`s required lower opening forces.
·ADA requirements are met easily with the 1431 model and the 1430 model in selected applications.
·Key control valves offer separate requlating for door speed, latching, backcheck and optional delayed action. Each valve is labeled for easy identification.
·All control valves are easily accessible located on the front of the closer body.
·All valves are controlled by a 1/8 inch Allen wrench to discourage tampering.
·Patent pending valve design offer the ultimate weather compensating feature.
·Adjustable backcheck, standard,protects the door and hardware from damage during the opening cycle.
·Adjustable delayed action, optional, permits easy access for the physically impaired individual.
·Standard pressure relief valves for both the backcheck and delayed action features protect the closer seals and all the hardware from excessive force.
·High impact non corrosive covers are manufactured from strong impact resistant material that is flame retardant (metal covers optional). All covers secured by machine screws.
·Heavy duty forged steel arms are finely finished and interchangeable between the 1430 closer and Sargent`s 1250, 250 and 350 closers series. The cold formed arms (RO & RP9) are unique to the 1430 series and not interchangeable with the other closers.

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