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F8000 Series Fire Exit Devices

8000 Series Specifications:

·Material-Push bar painted heavy gauge steel, spring of stainless steel.
·Latch Bolts-3/4' throw, stainless steel.
·Dead Latch Bolt-5/8' stainless steel.
·Strike-For 5/8' stop, plus shim for 1/2' stop.
·Projection-2-1/2' maximum, 1-7/8' depressed
·Reversible-Non-handed. Reversible for all functions and trims.
·For Door-1-3/4' thick standard. Specify if other than 1-3/4' thick.
·161 Cut Out-Device covers 161 cu out. Some trims require cover plate.
·Sex Bolts-Standard packaging for use with wood, composite or non reinforced doors on vertical rod devices.
·Door Width-For door 2`6' to 3`0' wide-3`0' standard; for door 3`0' to 4`0' wide-4`0' standard
·Stile Height-4-1/4' min.
·Mounting Height-40-5/16' from CL to finished floor recommended.
·Mounting-Furnished standard with sheet metal & machine screws.
·Cylinder-Schlage 'C' keyway, other keyways specify.
·Dogging-1/4 turn, hex key dogging on non-fire-labeled devices.
·U.L. Listed-For panic hardware
·Operation-Inside by slight pressure on any point on the push bar at all times.
·Top Latchbolt-3/4' throw, stainless steel.
·Top Deadbolt-1/2' throw, steel bolt.
·Bottom Latchbolt-3/4' throw, stainless steel.
·Door Height-For door up to 7`0' high-7`0' standard. For door up to 7`0' to 8`0'-8`0' standard.

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