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Series 55-VON DUPRIN

Series 55 exit devices-a traditional crossbar design with wide acceptance because of the streamline appearance. Available in rim, mortise and concealed vertical rod mountings.


ˇFor all types of doors, and fits stiles as narrow as 1 3/4'.

ˇFinishes include Polished Brass, Dull Bronze, Dull Oxidized Bronze, Polished Chrome and Dull Chrome.

ˇDevices are UL listed Panic Hardware (FVSR) SA163 (n). Fire devices (F) are UL listed Fire Exit Hardware (GXHX) R4504 (N), a label. Tested in accordance to ANSI A156.3, 1989, Grade 1.

ˇE-7500 Electric Mortise Lock
Electric mortise lock option provides for remote locking or unlocking of the outside trim without retracting the latch bolt. Particularly useful as a fail-safe component of an automatic fire alarm system.

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