Hardware & Accessories

S1900 Mortise-ARROW

Pressure formed non-ferrous alloy

Chassis and end covers:
Cold drawn brass, bronze or stainless steel

Door Thickness:
1-3/4' (44.45 mm) standard, available for thick doors

Handing: Handed. Specify LHRB or RHRB

Dogging: Allen type only.

Top/Bottom Bolts: N/A

Brass, 3/4' (19.05 mm) throw

Crossbar arms:
Forged brass and stainless steel

1' (25.40 mm) brass, bronze and stainless steel tubing, .062' (1.5875 mm) thick

Crossbar projection:
4-1/2' (114.3 mm) neutral, 2-3/4' (69.85 mm) depressed

Opening Height: N/A

Fire Exit Hardware-up to:
-4` x 7`2' single door
-8` x 7`2' pairs of doors (with FS1700)


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